The Alienware Area51 Threadripper has always been a larger-than-life gaming desktop, probably the dream of every gamer worldwide. Now, it is set to become the only pre-built PC with AMD’s Threadripper processors this year. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and all of AMD’s other high-core count CPUs are ready to set the gaming market on fire. Alienware PCs will only be available to Alienware PCs, including the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper.

Yes! Not Lenovo, not Asus, not MSI, nor Apple – Only Alienware! Of course, you can still buy a Threadripper processor at a computer store, and this agreement doesn’t cover custom system builders like Origin PC in the US or Overclockers in the UK. Even though it is exclusive, Threadripper is the best upgrade for the Alienware Area51 for both content creators and gamers, but it will cost you a lot. As far as pre-built gaming PCs go, the Alienware Area51 Threadripper Edition is hard to beat, especially if you like to do ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. As a gaming PC, this thing is excellent at 4K gaming. And as a workstation for making content, it’s a complete animal that can handle anything you throw at it.

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How Do We Test The Quality Of The Alienware Area51 Threadripper? For quality assurance, testing is the first step. Many tests might be required in order to determine if a product is market ready. Some of these tests include destructive testing, non-destructive testing, performance testing, safety testing, and useability testing. For example, in destructive testing, the Alienware area51 threadripper is broken so that its quality can be judged. This is usually done to find any flaws or weaknesses that might be hiding in the product. On the other hand, non-destructive testing is a type of test in which the product is not damaged. Again, this is usually done to see how well or safely the product works.

Performance testing is a test that looks at how well an Alienware area51 threadripper does what it’s supposed to do. Safety testing is a type of test that looks at how well a product keeps people safe. Finally, usability testing is a kind of test that measures how easy it is to use a product. If you try it out, you can be sure that the product will meet your needs and preferences. So how can you tell if an Alienware area 51 threadripper is good?

You should keep a few things in mind when looking for a good PC. First, ensure whether this new Area 51 edition of Alienware is worth the hype. Next, check the built quality and the materials used for the assembly. A durability test is essential when spending a fortune on a PC. Finally, run some performance tests to check the multitasking and processing power of the threadripper, as AMD claims it to be a breakthrough.

Even though central processing units (CPUs) have become smaller, they still miss many things. Like having a bad case and being easy to break. The AREA-51 has a second-generation triad chassis with a retooled and improved swinging cage. That makes it easy to change different parts of your system. Also, PCL-e-card doors are added to avoid plastic retention. Inside the Alienware are several ports for managing cables and storage bays. The THREADRIPPER is different from other systems because it has 14 USB ports. So, they are getting access to the whole ecosystem. The AREA-51 system also has four separate HDD cable clips and graphic brackets. So, you don’t have to worry about the security of your device in the Alienware AREA-51 Threadripper.

Working long hours heats the system, and it’s a common problem. But you won’t find this problem in Alienware. For the design to keep working under pressure, it has cold copper plates and a 120120 mm radiator. This makes sure that the system stays cool. In addition to that, the CPU has the quietest pump. The work goes faster because the tubing is robust, and the pump cycle is 2850 RPM. And if, for example, we look at the steady run. The Alienware AREA51 can work for up to 50,000 hours. Also, built-in voltage regulators and a passive heatsink chipset keep the computer from getting too hot. The AREA-51 System also has options for active fans and vents. The cooling system does more than just keep the system cool; it also helps it work better. Without a doubt, Alienware gives you the consistency you need to handle industry-leading workloads.


Ultimate Specifications: If you want to play high-end games, you’d need the right tools, i.e., a graphics card. The gamers expect to run high-resolution games without hiccups when buying a high-end processor. The AREA-51 system has the first configuration of two AMD RX Vega 64 graphics cards and two NVIDIA G-force GTX 1080 graphics cards that are cooled by liquid. In addition, SLI technologies improve the system’s performance so you can have the best gaming experience. Plus, the 16k high-fidelity gaming and quiet operation ensure the user has the best gaming experience. Moreover, the Alienware system makes it look easy to do things like mining cryptocurrency or running heavy simulations with GPUs.

Connectivity: AREA-51 is small but has a tremendous amount of storage space. The system can handle one M.2 drive, two U.2 drives, and three 3.35 drives. In addition, you can add up to six more SSDs or HDDs to increase the storage space. Killer technology made the part of this machine that has to do with ethernet. Wireless 22 antennae will help you get stable signals in this way. The Alienware AREA51 Threadripper system also has NIC gigabit ethernet ports for better connections. There are a total of 16 ports and slots in the machine. So, feel free to use the vast space to work.

Design: The front and back of the desk are both made of shiny black plastic, and the show has a lot of ridges to help airflow. Epic Silver plastic, used on the company’s laptops like the Alienware 17 and 15, makes up the steel-reinforced side panels. The two hidden release latches at the top of the device can be used to take each forum off. SLI technologies improve the system’s performance so you can have the best gaming experience. Plus, the 16k high-fidelity gaming and quiet operation ensure the user has the best gaming experience. In addition, the Alienware system makes it look easy to do things like mining cryptocurrency or running heavy simulations with GPUs.

The Major 4 Things To Look For Before Buying A CPU System?

Alienware Area51 Threadripper

Design of the System: A gaming system’s orientation is critical. A CPU must be small and not take up a lot of space so you can put it wherever you want. Also, the machine should have enough space inside if you don’t have enough ports. You will have to pay money for extra ports that will make the area dirty and cost you money. So, look for a system that looks good and can support what you want in it.

Lightning Effect: Having light in the system adds something extra. The RGB lighting is popular with gamers, so you should keep that in mind. You can set up different color schemes with RGB lighting, like solid colors or bright rainbows. You can also link the lighting to how the game is set up. So, make sure to get the best RGB setup for your Alienware AREA51 Threadripper. Of course, you want your setup to look freaking cool, right?

Cooling System: When desktop computers are used all the time or under a lot of stress. For example, while playing games with high-resolution graphics. The machine begins to get hot. That will eventually cause the system to burn or quickly get too hot. So, look for a cooling system, fans, and vents to keep your system from getting too hot. Since you run a business, this problem could stop you from working.

Other Factors: A gaming setup with a quality sound system will cost hundreds of dollars. If you want a bigger screen or extra memory, that cost will come separately. Hence, you’ll have to work out a proper list of requirements and budget to get everything you need. A plan needs to have enough RAM. It’s an essential part of how high-end games work. Otherwise, the system lags and can’t play games in higher resolution. A good sound system is needed for competitive gaming. In addition, you might require genuine software like Antivirus or Adobe software which you need to purchase separately. Hence, you need to spend money wisely in the right place. Make a list of everything you want in a system, and then go shopping. Protection Status