Are you unsure about what to do on your next date night? Are you looking for something new to enjoy with your friends on weekend? Escape the Room may be the solution you’re looking for! Escape the Room is a 60-minute, action-packed, thrilling adventure that your group should participate in at least once in their lifetime! If you’re unfamiliar with the escape room experience, let us help explain it to you. 


Escape the Room is a thrilling and functional game, which means you will not only have a great time, but you will also be engaging in a brain-twisting operation that will involve critical thinking and group cooperation to complete the objective at hand…escape! For those who have never played before and are in need of an escape room guide, we have put together a step-by-step guide for you to follow or read in order to best prepare you for your next Escape the Room adventure. Are you curious to learn more? Continue reading!

Suspect Everything

First things first. As you enter the room, you have to understand that the rules from the real world don’t apply in that space. Consider it to be more like a video game. devoid of logic and facts, the world of Escape Rooms will make your imagination dominate your decision-making process. There, nothing will be as they seem. Everything can have a double meaning in our world. As a result, being distrustful of everything you see is not an option. You have to be conservative and take a closer look at everything that is available in the room, and make certain you don’t miss anything. To get the best results, you should always consider the opinion of others about a perspective you’re having. Everything can be a part of a puzzle. Always bear in mind that an escape room should be led more by intuition than by logic or even common sense. Be the odd one out!

Organize Clues And Puzzles

The Game Guides will always recommend you to secure any physical artefacts you found in the area in a single central spot within the room to facilitate access to all your clues. A clue that you are unable to use at the moment may become critical later in the game, so save your team time by placing the clue in an obvious, conspicuous location. You only have 60 minutes to flee, so every second saved is critical! You and your colleagues will be able to return to this spot during the game, but remember to bring clues with you from room to room. While something may be meaningless to you at the time, your teammate might be the one to crack the code and find the hidden clue for your team to solve the puzzle.

Develop A Strategy

Now that seems too self-evident to mention, but honestly, devise a strategy. Plan your time carefully so that you don’t have panic attacks at the end when you notice on the room’s enormous clock that you only have ten minutes left. Make time your allies here. One more critical point – make plans and discuss with your team beforehand. Discover your players’ strengths and weaknesses for them to adapt to all of the game’s distinct responsibilities. In this situation, you will avoid duplicating each other’s steps and losing valuable time. A well-crafted strategy will keep all players occupied and, more importantly, productive.


One final piece of advice – your strategy should begin prior to the game. Additionally, try not to become complacent during the game by failing to keep note of anything you discover. When you write down where objects were and where they led, it may appear to be a time killer. However, when the game’s plot leads you to the puzzle, it will be easier and faster to determine which tips you already have and which ones you can utilise at this moment.

Believe In Your Instincts

If you want to do something, then go ahead and do it. Simply keep in mind that the escape room is a judgment-free zone that is always open to your ideas and ingenuity. Therefore, if you see a chair in a room and believe it does not appear right, go check it out! Perhaps it is not a chair at all; perhaps it conceals something far larger. Therefore, accept that everything is can lead to something in an escape room and exercise your creativity.

The Verdict

Groups that do not succeed in escaping are probably not good at teamwork and they lack the coordination. Therefore, do yourself a favour and avoid being disorganised and chaotic! That’s easier said than done, isn’t it? For that, you have to keep 3 very important ground rules in your mind: Maintain communication with your team. Stay Together. Have faith in your Game Guide.

We have faith in you. You’re going to win this! However, are you staying in Chicago right now and looking for something fun to do? You can definitely check out Escape Room Chicago as it is the biggest and the best experience available when you’re trying to find things to do in Chicago. Protection Status