Did you know a study station doesn’t have to be fancy or overpriced? There are a few common features to consider when setting up your own study station. These tips can help you start your custom study station off on the right foot.

  1. Make sure it’s comfortable: You’ll want to be able to comfortably work away from home, so make sure the materials you choose will allow for long periods of working. You might also need a power source or an outlet nearby because bad lighting and weak internet are just not acceptable in your home office.
  2. Have a designated spot for everything: It is recommended that you have a designated spot for everything in your study station. Chances are, if you don’t use your desk or study area all the time, it will become cluttered fairly quickly.
  3. Get a reliable computer: Getting a reliable computer for your study station is important for many reasons. You want to make sure you have a machine that won’t break down in the middle of work, or give you any errors that will waste your time, and if you’re on a budget, you can get a quality refurbished computer for your study station. It will save you money and can get the job done.
  4. Lighting is key: Lighting is really important to the success of your study station. Whether you’re doing homework, reading research papers, or just trying to do some studying, you need to be able to see what you’re doing! Invest in lighting that will allow you to concentrate without bothering others who might be sleeping or relaxing around the house. If possible, plug it into a lamp rather than an outlet so that it’s portable as well.
  5. It’s good to have a place to do some reading: Always check the books you want to read out of your study station and move them if they aren’t comfortable. Also, if you’re sharing the study area with another person, make sure that person is okay with having sheets and books strewn around. It can really get messy!
  6. Create a phone area: With online schooling becoming more common, it’s important to designate a phone area for these kinds of classes. Invest in something like a small office desk organizer, which will keep them tidy and organized. You’ll also want to make sure everything matches the entire custom aesthetic so it’s easy on the eyes. Using custom phone cases will tie it all up.
  7. Keep your study area clean: While we don’t believe in spending too much on a study station, it’s okay to invest in a few small cleaning items. Keep a pack of wet wipes near the desk and the pencil sharpener out at all times so that you can quickly keep your study area clean!
  8. Try to stay organized: Keep your favourite writing utensil and preferred notebook close by. When you’re working on homework or studying for an upcoming test, you’ll want to be able to grab what you need as quickly as possible.
  9. Try to make your study area comfortable: Make sure there is no clutter, lights are on, the room temperature is just right, and you have a working desk that allows you to comfortably use your computer and other supplies. If you don’t have a designated study area right now, it’s time to start planning one!

By adhering to these tips when setting up your study station you can stay organized while staying in the comfort of your own home. While it’s okay to invest in a few key accessories, try not to go overboard on spending.

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Jennifer Warner is a community relations office at PCLiqudations.com and a contributing writer to several computer-related blogs and websites.

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