You certainly didn’t expect to spend hours replying to customer queries, writing material for online advertisements, and tracking purchases when you initially launched your eCommerce site.

You may have noticed that the majority of the time is spent on ordinary company operations. These actions are not necessary, yet they cannot be avoided. A Shopify virtual assistant may be useful in this situation since they can manage all of your company’s chores.

Working with an eCommerce-specific virtual assistant can free up your time. It will also assure the seamless operation of your internet company and the satisfaction of your clients. Virtual assistants are adept at multitasking and managing tasks that you either don’t have time for or dislike.

Here are the top eight ways a virtual assistant may help you fast improve Shopify shop sales.

Product Sourcing

Sticking to specialization is essential for success as an internet company. Even if you simply sell one thing, your store will not create enough revenue. What you want is to utilize the items that characterize your brand while also introducing diversity.


A product sourcing expert is required for this. Work with your virtual assistant for Shopify store to uncover your target buyer’s buying habits. In this manner, your virtual assistant might compile a list of goods to add to your repertory. A competent VA may also assist you in negotiating favorable terms with suppliers and manufacturers.

Shop Administration Duties

There are usually little jobs that arise unexpectedly during the day that must be completed. Or maybe you’ve been putting off some tasks owing to a lack of time. They will be taken care of by your virtual assistant.

Virtual aid may help you regain control of your life. Your eCommerce assistant can help you organize things, streamline your procedures, and handle any other admin jobs that you simply can’t seem to get to.

Product Listing

Product listing is a crucial activity that a Virtual Assistant (VA) may help you with. Customers browse the items on the internet shop while doing something else. As a result, their attention may be less focused if you need to carefully present your items and services so that the products capture people’s attention.

Order Management

When your company grows and orders start flowing in quickly, you’ll be at a loss for what to do, and the possibility of you panicking is high. At moments like these, you wish you had someone who could be a dependable partner in assisting you. Of course, that buddy is a virtual assistant.

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E-mail Marketing

When it comes to ROI, email marketing outperforms both search engine marketing and social media. If you want to turn leads into customers, you must have a great email marketing plan. Visitors that join your mailing list are already interested in your items, and it gives you a way to stay in touch with them.

Having an eCommerce virtual assistant handle your email marketing allows you to maintain regular contact with your leads. 

Test and Optimize Facebook and Google Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for a Shopify business takes time to do correctly.

You must develop ad variants, do target and keyword research, and test, test, test. It’s simple to set it and forget it, but that’s a waste of money. A virtual assistant can monitor and improve your adverts to bring in more visits and purchases to your store.

Writing Content 

Content is essential not only for conveying information, but also for doing so in a concise, persuasive, and personable manner that perfectly reflects your brand.

You don’t want to post material that causes your customers’ eyes to glaze over or, worse, that has already been said and done on the internet a million times in a poor way. Be a little adventurous, imaginative, and audacious if you want to stand out. Because a virtual content writer understands that, although analytics are crucial, they can only carry you so far.

Ecommerce VAs May Keep Track of and Monitor Orders

If a client contacts or emails to inquire about the status of their purchase, you must inform them of its current location and expected delivery date. Order monitoring and tracking help you develop a good reputation as a firm, but it is not something you should spend your time on as the owner.

Outsource this duty to a virtual assistant who can keep track of all orders and guarantee they arrive on time for your consumers. If there are any problems or delays, your VA will be aware of them and will keep the client informed.


Stop fighting with yourself over whether you should start outsourcing and start doing something. Shopify virtual assistants in each of these areas will be your superheroes, saving you from time-consuming and monotonous, difficult duties every day. Protection Status