If you’re a business owner, you might often be required to travel somewhere to expand your business or pitch some new ideas to a potential client. You might need to attend business trips to expand your knowledge, even if you’re an employee.

 Statistics say employees are 30% more likely to accept a low-paying job if they’re offered business trips.

 Well, irrespective of the purpose of your business trip, there are some things that you must keep with you throughout the journey. So here’s a comprehensive checklist for you!

1. Laptop or Tablet 

You can’t attend a business tour without carrying your laptop or tablet. You might be tempted to think that people there will have a laptop of their own and you can copy your files to a pen drive, but that’s a bad idea.

 You never know when you might need to access something not on your pen drive or whether the people at the destination will have a laptop.

 So no matter what, always make sure to carry your work laptop or tablet. If you wish, you can purchase a separate laptop bag or a tablet pouch for convenience.

2. Medications

First and foremost, find out which medicines you take regularly. Then, especially if you have issues like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, allergies, or even any mental health issue like anxiety, pack those medicines. The same goes if you take supplements regularly. 

However, make sure to take enough so that it lasts even if the trip extends. You might say, “Why carry so much when I can buy medicines there?” 

You don’t know if you’ll get the same drugs there. And it’s not safe to take alternatives even if the pharmacist convinces you. Moreover, you never know when you might face an emergency.  

3. Business cards

Any business owner understands the importance of carrying a stack of business cards with them. They will not only help others to identify your brand but will also spread the word about your business ideas.

 Right after you have completed booking your stay, order business cards right away. If you get high-quality paper cards, make sure that you carry about two stacks with you.

 You must always keep the cards in your backpack or briefcase when attending business conferences or meetings. If you hand out business cards, it will automatically give others a good impression. However, paper business cards are now outdated, so you can consider switching to digital ones.

 4. Portable WiFi

You never know when you might be asked to work remotely from a place without a Wi-Fi service. Or, the hotel Wi-Fi service might charge you a hefty amount.

 This is why it’s always best to carry a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Even when you’re not working, you might need to video call your family or browse the internet for some local sights.

 Your mobile network services might not be enough for all these purposes. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi hotspot yet, purchase one and then opt for a plan that will be cost-effective and fast.

 5. Notebook And Pen

You can easily buy a notebook and some pens for the location where you’ll travel, but if you have a few of them at home, there’s no harm in carrying them along.

 After all, you don’t want to run around looking for shops to buy those while you’re on a tight schedule.

 On the other hand, taking notes on your phone not only looks unprofessional, but you also have a high chance of missing out on something important.

 Moreover, if your phone hangs and there’s no other way to jot down points, this old-school method is definitely foolproof.

 So carry a notebook or two and some pens. Keep them carefully in your business bag or suitcase and bring them with you to your meeting.

 6. Hygiene Products

Business is all about impressing your potential clients and partners. Unfortunately, if they notice that your breath is unappealing or you look unclean, it can cause a huge blow to your company.

 Therefore, carry a few basic hygiene products like a mouth freshener, a hairbrush, sanitary napkins, and perfume.

 Right before you leave your hotel to attend your business conferences, spray a bit of mouth freshener in your mouth and some perfume on your collarbone and wrists. Carry your sanitary napkins, and don’t forget to brush your hair neatly.

 Over to you…

These are the essential items you must carry with you when you leave for your next business tour. So keep a checklist ready and tick off each box once you pack these items!

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