The company’s success is made possible by a strong and productive workforce. It is only fitting the employees get due recognition and awards during milestone celebrations. Celebrating their success helps them feel appreciated, included, and motivated to do even better. It also does a lot to cultivate a positive work culture.

Of course, while a word of acknowledgment, salary raise, bonus, and even promotions are appreciated, it is still a different kind of gratitude when it is in the form of a corporate award. This means you might have to arrange a recognition program and give out corporate award trophies.

You don’t have to do this kind of celebration every month as it will require extensive planning and preparations. Maybe you can hold it once a year to thank everyone’s hard work, recognize individual achievers, and allow employees to get together and socialize.

What Kind of Milestones Should You Celebrate?

You will want to make corporate celebrations special, so celebrating every small win in a grandiose way may not be an ideal strategy. You will want to choose the right moments to commemorate. The minimal celebrations will ensure that it remains natural and authentic.

Here are some of the milestones you will want to include in the celebrations:

First Wins

Especially relevant for new hires, first wins are always worthy of praises and rewards. When employees reach their sixth month in the company, they usually achieve a milestone and overcome the probationary period.

Exceptional Work

When employees work hard and often go above and beyond what is expected of them, recognition is in order. They might have helped bring value to your company by ushering in more sales or closing deals, or they might have executed a solid marketing strategy that helped your business achieve your goals.

Consistent Performance

They are often overlooked, but employees who uphold repetitive, unglamorous tasks running in the background deserve all the praise and pats on the back. They always make sure to get things done, revealing their reliability and perseverance.

Alternatively, if you are looking for inspiring employee recognition award ideas, you may include the following: 

  • Employee of the Year
  • Work Anniversary Award
  • Employee Choice Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Diligence Award
  • Top Performer Award
  • Customer Service Award

How Can You Benefit from Giving Employees Corporate Award Trophies?

5 Ways Corporate Award Trophies Help Your Business Celebrate Milestone

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Employee Engagement

O.C. Tanner Company has conducted a study that found how nearly 80% of people left their jobs because of a lack of appreciation at work. Most people with key roles within their organizations want to feel appreciated and independent. They actually prefer it more than promotions and raises.

Being appreciated, especially with a corporate award trophy, can make them feel engaged with what they do and the company. They get excited and challenged to try even harder and do great work in the process.

Failure to make employees feel appreciated and recognized can cause them to harbor ill feelings toward the company. This is something you would want to avoid if you aim to build a culture of appreciation and help impact productivity positively.

Goal Tracking

When you give a corporate award trophy for important employee milestones, it is easier to keep track of their achievements along the way and set the stage to find new goals to reach. Seeing the trophies lining up will remind them of the hard work they have put in to get to where they are now.

This will help them feel inspired to reach new heights at work. Seeing the proof of their hard work will also make them proud of their personal achievements and realize their immense contribution to the company’s overall growth.

Team Culture

Many companies put so much emphasis on team culture, and rightly so. Employees value their working environment. They prefer to belong in a company with a pleasant team culture where motivation, hard work, and appreciation come together. You will want your employees to be motivated to work and reach your business goals.

With the right team culture in place, they will have a good foundation for teamwork and collaboration. Giving teams and departments corporate award trophies will enhance your company’s team culture. It will inspire a spirit of camaraderie among team members and help them work together for a common goal.

Loyalty and Retention

As mentioned before, there are a lot of employees who quit their work because they felt underappreciated. On the other hand, those who received recognition for their hard work, often with corporate award trophies, know how it feels to be valued. This inspires loyalty in employees and decreases the turnover rate.

Loyal employees already know the ins and outs of the company and are experienced at their tasks. Suppose they suddenly quit because of a lack of gratitude and appreciation. In that case, it will be harder for you as an employer to look for replacements as you have to start all over again – training the new hires and spending precious time and resources in the process.

Job Satisfaction  

Happy employees are some of the most productive at work. Appreciating your employees with a tangible vote of confidence in the form of corporate award trophies inspires in them a strong sense of work. This means they will have a higher sense of well-being and job satisfaction.

As their morale and happiness rise, there is a prevailing sense of respect and positivism in the workplace. Employees who genuinely enjoy their jobs will find it easier to take on challenges and actively contribute to achieving the company goals.

Wrapping It Up

An employee recognition program that includes giving out corporate award trophies ushers in a wealth of benefits, not only for employees who feel valued but also for businesses that reap the rewards.

You can enjoy improved employee retention, foster loyalty, increase productivity, and boost employee engagement. All of these factors contribute to the overall betterment of the company. Protection Status