What if I told you that cool gadgets are not necessarily expensive? $100 can get you some of the most useful devices for college students. The greatest worry for buyers is spending money on a substandard device. However, despite the reduced price, technology and credible brands have guaranteed the best value for the devices. The gadgets will help in your academic work. Others will enhance your social life. Business-minded students will also find incredible devices to make it easier to balance school work with entrepreneurship. These gadgets are available online, eliminating the cost of searching everywhere. They are produced by recognizable brands that have guaranteed quality products for years. 

$100 does not seem like much in the current era of expensive technology. The assumption is that something has been compromised to lower the price. Here are mind-blowing devices for college students below $100. 

1. Blink Outdoor Cam

What would you like to capture while you are not around? The Blink Outdoor Cam is the perfect device to buy. At $54, it allows you to follow proceedings or capture activities that you would otherwise have missed by sending you a feed to your phone. Hire a custom thesis writing service for all your assignments to allow you more time to engage in your favorite activities or even rest. The writers will also shield you from fatigue while guaranteeing the best grades. 

The camera provides motion alerts whenever it detects activity in the vicinity. Since it is connected through a mobile app, you can monitor activities in your business, class, room, or any setting in real time. It is especially perfect for students living with pets. You do not have to worry about pet sitters. You can communicate through a 2-way microphone to control activities in the installed area. It gives you a chance to be in multiple places at the same time. 

2. Amazon Echo Family

Amazon Echo family is famous for answering questions, setting conditions in the house, and controlling smartphone devices. The devices come with a microphone that will capture your sound and a speaker through which you speak. New technology is making the answers more precise.

The Echo 4th generation gadgets cost between $30 and 49$. They include the main Echo device that will control all your smart connections. The Echo Dot answers questions, sets timers, and controls smart devices around the house. The new generation has added games, better speakers, and colors. You may also consider the Echo Show with a 5.5” screen for live streaming and watching movies. If you need video calls and recipes, this is the perfect device. 

3. Amazfit Band

Are you a fitness fan? This is the perfect gadget for you. It helps you to measure all your vitals during workouts. It will monitor your performance beyond the gym or long after you have returned from your job. The arm band captures such important details as heart rate, sleep quality, blood oxygen, and menstrual cycle, among others. 

The Amazfit Band looks like some of the common brands in the industry. However, its price guarantees the best value for money in the industry. It comes with a battery life that will last you 15 days. It has also incorporated Alexa, which allows you to listen to music and control its functionality and home functions by speaking to the device. 

4. Rotibox Headphones Bernie

A Bernie will make your chilly mornings bearable. Add music to the Bernie, and your mornings will never be the same again. It is a Bluetooth device that is disguised as a comfy hat for winter. It is waterproof to allow washing. You can listen to your podcasts or music while you work out without worrying about the headphones slipping. It comes with some of the friendliest controls to make your music experience more exciting. 

5. Wireless Charger

How about charging your device from wherever you are? The Tozo W1 provides a plate where you place your phone. This is a revolution that will keep you away from charging ports in your house. 

Technology has provided some of the best gadgets for college students. The reasonable pricing has not come at the expense of quality. Get these below $100 devices and change your college experience forever.

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