The UEFA Women’s Championship, also known as UEFA Women’s EURO, has found a way to creatively use QR codes for this year’s competition. This has increased the organization of the tournament’s games, and improved the viewing experience of fans and viewers across Europe and the world.

Better managing the season and treating fans to a good game are still the main goals, but the organization has taken their preparations up a notch this season. Take a look at how they used the best features of an advanced QR code generator online this 2022.

  1. Easy ticketing

Ticketing is difficult in itself, but it gets extra difficult for big events such as a championship tournament. To make it more organized, UEFA uses QR codes which visitors can present through their mobile app. It’s a wise use of different technologies, all in one, to create a smooth-flowing event.

To access your tickets, you have to install ‘UEFA Mobile Tickets,’ available to download on iOS and Android.

These tickets will be activated automatically from 11:00 – 11:30 BST on match day. Upon activation, you simply have to connect to the internet to reveal the QR code.

2. Donation drives

For this year’s tournaments, the UEFA is initiating a noble cause to support the children affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Together with their official sponsor, Visa, and in collaboration with Collection Pot, they’re launching a donation drive through the UEFA Foundation for Children.

Donating is made quick and simple for event attendees, through QR codes. Once scanned, they’re directed to the fundraising page, where they can select the amount to donate, and then pay.

To make your donation official, you’ll receive a receipt via email before donating.

3. Player’s journey

The murals in the venue don’t only serve as a design element for the attendees. Apart from uplifting the spirits of the players by featuring their game face-on, it also includes a short campaign about the player’s journey to success.

Fashion brand Adidas launched a campaign, “which celebrates the incredible players taking part, with the aim of inspiring young football fans to pursue their own goals.”

In essence, this features a short film that shows the journey of players — Mapi Leon, Millie Bright, Vivianne Miedema, and Wendie Renardonce — once the video QR code is scanned. 

4.Online viewing access

For fans that can’t go to the venue, they can still watch the game through This is free for both new and existing users. They simply have to register or log in to their account to start watching.

If you want to watch the game on a second screen, you can use QR codes for easy viewing access.

To connect your device via Smart TV or any other device, simply scan the QR code to log in immediately on the second device. Even if you’re not in the game venue, you never miss out on updates and the latest happenings about the game.

Whether you’re hosting a small or big tournament, you can use an advanced QR code generator with logo software to make your event more organized, engage user interaction, and provide easy access to your events, activities, and installations. Protection Status