While you don’t need the assistance of a lawyer for a speeding ticket or other small claims, there are other criminal offences where hiring a lawyer is most beneficial. Let’s say you’re being charged of assaulting your neighbour. In this case the expertise of a defence lawyer can help you get the best outcome in court.

So, let’s discuss the reasons for hiring a lawyer. And ultimately answer the question…

Why do you need a lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is not a must in many countries, however, having a lawyer by your side during legal proceedings can give you better chances of getting a fair trial. Below are the top 9 reasons why you need a lawyer.

  1. Lawyers can Handle the Complications of Law

Lawyers underwent years of studies, training and practical exercises in the field of law. They have a better grasp of each of the laws of the country or state where they provide service. For this reason, hiring a lawyer can help you understand not just the situation you’re in but also the laws that can be applied so you can have your day in court.

Lawyers are highly skilled and trained to handle even the most complex cases to ensure that their clients will get the most expedient tribunal decision. It is highly recommended that you hire a lawyer instead of defending your claims in court, especially when the laws seem complicated.

2. You Received a Letter from a Law Firm

Receiving a legal letter can be nerve-racking and in most cases, you are left dumbfounded and unsure of what to do. Hiring a reliable lawyer can help you understand even the most difficult provisions in the letter you received.

In most cases, lawyers will recommend the best course of action that you may take to solve any dispute stated in the letter.

3. A Family Member Died and an Estate is Involved

Death in the family can be devastating but in some instances, it is more devastating to note that bereaved family members fight over the estate of the deceased. Whether or not the dead relative left a will, the assistance of an estate administrator, typically a lawyer, is needed.

Generally, a lawyer may need to submit the will in court for a probate proceeding. In this case, the court will affirm or deny any provisions of the will that may be against the law or the rights of a compulsory or legal heir.

4. You are Wrongfully Terminated from Work

While some people simply ignore and suffer from discrimination or unlawful termination from work, others seek justice for such unfair treatment. Under the Fair Work Act 2009, an employee who is illegally terminated from work may claim compensation under the law.

Generally, a lawyer specialising in labour laws can help carry your suit in court. If an employee is dismissed from work on account of gender, race, sexual orientation, physical disability, religion, marital status or other discriminatory reasons, his or her employment is deemed unlawfully terminated. A lawyer can help you claim damages or get reinstated at work.

5. Legal Questions that Need Legal Advice

When your enquiries call for the legality, it is best to reach out to a professional lawyer. While it may be true that you can find almost all answers on the internet. The expertise of a lawyer can help you find the best legal advice for a specific legal question.

Lawyers are proficient backed by years of study and dedication to the judicial system of the state. You can be sure to get the most valuable response and application of the law with their assistance.

6. Hiring a Lawyer is More Cost-efficient

Hiring lawyers has never been cheap, but when you feel like defending your cause in court can be cheaper, think again.

The expertise of lawyers involves calculating costs and damages which you may not be adept with. Thus, you’ll be surprised to know that hiring a lawyer can be more cost-efficient, especially considering all the leg work involved in handling cases.

7. Business Related Issues

The business world can be a chaotic industry to delve into. This is why many big companies or top conglomerates hire lawyers – that is to defend their cause and claims in court.

The business-related services of lawyers include contract issues, employer-employee relationships, state compliance, corporate obligations, patent application and other business structure issues. Having a good lawyer can provide remarkable value to your business, especially in protecting your business from legal implications.

8. Lawyers are Better at Handling Tribunal Proceedings

One of the most important responsibilities of a lawyer is to handle tribunal proceedings on behalf of their client. He or she underwent training and probation in the different court procedures. Lawyers can handle criminal cases with candour and integrity even under pressure during tribunal proceedings.

9. Access to Witnesses and Permit to Investigate

Unlike any other citizen, lawyers are privileged to have access to witnesses, experts and investigation procedures. They can handle meeting with prosecutors and go to the scene of the crime and collect the necessary evidence to further study the case and provide the most optimum judgement in court.


These are just 9 of the many reasons why you would need the assistance of a lawyer. This is especially so when you are facing some severe charges for criminal offences. Lawyers don’t grow on trees, they train for years to ensure that their clients get the justice they deserve.

So, if you need a reputable Queensland legal team, contact Smith Criminal Law today!

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