Screen recording is a useful tool to create visual tutorials; record game plays and demos, or just capture your screen for fun. The Windows 10 Screen recorder can help you easily record your desktop at no cost. However, Windows 10 built-in Screen recorder has its own limitations. If you want to use it for professional needs, the free version doesn’t meet your requirements. It doesn’t support recording video in MKV format, which is essential when you work with gamers or make tutorials. 

Fortunately, there is a third-party screen recorder for PC like iTop Screen Recorder that can help you out in this situation. With the help of these screen recording apps, you can record your screen without any restrictions and further edit the recorded file in various ways as well. 

Enable Developer Mode

If you want to record the audio from your computer, you need to enable developer mode. With the standard model, the system will mute the sound from your microphone. But in developer mode, the system will allow audio recording from your microphone. This mode is very important for screen recording as it will allow you to record the audio from your microphone as well. Note: Developer mode is not supported by a few Windows 10 versions. 

Record in High Quality

If you are using Windows 10 built-in screen recorder, you can only record in 480p. This is not a good quality if you are looking for professional-level videos. For recording in 720p or higher-quality videos, you need to use third-party tools. So, when recording, make sure to choose the high-quality recording option from the menu. If you are using a third-party screen recorder, then you can select the recording quality from the setting menu.

Use an Alternative Screen Recorder

There are a few screen recorders that let you record videos in high quality and are available for Windows 10. These screen recorders let you record in 720p and 1080p without any restrictions. Moreover, these screen recorders also let you record in MKV format, which is essential when you work with gamers or create tutorials. So, a screen recorder is the one that you can use to record in high quality and without any restrictions. 

Use a Third-Party Video Editor

If you are looking for more flexibility and ease of use, then you can use a third-party video editor. Screen recording is simple, but you can do a lot more with it when you use a third-party video editor. This video editor lets you add captions, various animations, and effects to your videos. You can also edit the sound and video quality as per your requirements. By using a third-party video editor, you can create more engaging videos for your audience.

Record using a Windows 10 Crack

If you want to record your screen in high quality but don’t want to install a third-party screen recorder or video editor, then you can try recording using a Windows 10 crack. You can crack the Windows 10 build and use the built-in screen recorder. It will allow you to record the screen in the desired format and quality. These cracks are available online and are easy to use. All you have to do is download the crack file and open it. The file will install Windows 10 in your computer and you can record the screen using the native screen recorder Windows 10.


Screen recording is essential in today’s digital world. It is a good idea to record your screen while creating tutorials or while playing games. There are many third-party screen recorders available in the market. You can use any of these screen recorders to record your screen and create engaging videos for your audience. Protection Status