The Best Tea Places To Visit In London

The Best Tea Places To Visit In London

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May 24, 2022
Last modified on May 20th, 2023

Whenever we ask a tourist who is visiting the heart of London, we find a variety of answers for which they are so drawn to this part of the world.

– Some shout ‘Big Ben.’

– Some are here for the royalty and queen.

– While there are others who would rather find delight in the delicious morning breakfast or a full English.

– Then there are some who are here just for the culture which this civilization has uploaded for centuries.

Thus, when we speak about the different cultural symbolism of London or England in general, we cannot miss out on tea and scones.

Thus, if you are in the heart of London City perusing the river Thames, then you must be looking for some of the best places where you can find tea in the most British way possible.

You have reached the right place!

In this excerpt below, we will be giving you five of the best places where you can find English tea.


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Best Tea Places To Visit In London

Now comes the most awaited list of the best tea places which you can find in the heart of London.

1. The Savoy

A cup of refreshing afternoon tea at the foyer of the river Thames. If there is any quintessential English thing which you can do, then it is this. It is a domed-glass hall with the most breath taking views of London city.

An epitome of gorgeousness and English class as there is a pianist playing melodious numbers in the background while you enjoy your tea. Did you know that people have been visiting this tea parlour for over a century now?

2. The Bloomsbury

Filled with an eclectic décor of garden roses and petunias, this afternoon tea place is perfect for that garden view tea delights. Plus, the aesthetic presentation of your tea and the bite-size pastries in the three-tiered serving dish are worth every penny you spend there.

It also gives you vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for snacks.

3. The Milestone Hotel

Located opposite the Kensington garden, this place brings out the best of traditional English tea. Inspired by the television series ‘The Crown,’ The Milestone afternoon tea parlor doesn’t just serve tea; it serves royal tea. If you are also having a hotel like this one, you must look for hotel management software from Preno.

It is served in the Cheneston’s Restaurant, the Park Lounge, also known as the Conservatory. If you want to feel that true royal indulgence, visiting this place is a must.

4. Kensington Palace

If you are visiting the place right beside Kensington, then why not visit the palace itself and refresh your soul in the garden tea ambiance this place has to offer. If the place before was giving you the royal rustic, then then the open tea parlor of the Kengiston place will make you feel like one of the debutants of the ‘Courtship season.’

You can go for a traditional ‘Promenade’ around the garden or avail one of those tea packages where you will get an informational tour of the place with the help of a guide.

5. Birgit’s Afternoon Tea Bus

Now, stepping down from the royal ‘high horses’ and vintage country-style tea parlors, we have our next pick in the most London Fashion. We all know that the city’s double-decker bus is a pride for every London dweller.

This is why this is one of our special picks for an afternoon tea. You can enjoy sweet tea and vintage English-style snacks while taking a stroll through London. Just hop on the double-decker bus and enjoy while the experienced driver takes you through some of the best locations in London.

Do It Like The English Do!

These London teas should be one of the topmost priorities of your tour. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like tea, you can bathe in the experience of one of London’s oldest traditions.

The perfect recipe for a London-style afternoon!

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