Most facial expressions emanate from your mouth and eyes. When you frown or smile, it exudes your innermost feelings.

But why do people smile?

Below are 13 good reasons why you should go to Dentist keep on smiling.

Stay Smiling with the Dentist

  1. It is Contagious

Many people say that smiling is contagious. When you smile at people, they tend to smile back at you and it doesn’t stop there. They will continue smiling at the instance of you smiling, so others will smile back at them. Thus, creating a ripple effect.

Just like what most people say, “a smile can go a long way.”

2.Your Dentist did a Good Job

When you visit your dentist regularly, he or she can also provide the oral care services that you need, hence, ensuring healthy teeth and gums. Now, isn’t that something worth smiling about?

If you have healthy oral structures, you’ll never be shy to smile at anyone, anywhere and at any time. So, make sure to see your dentist every 6 months.

3.You Look More Gorgeous

Heard of the saying, “a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear?”

Try smiling in front of a mirror and see the difference. Not only will you feel attractive when you smile, but you’ll also feel confident about yourself. When things seem devastating, try forcing a smile and look more gorgeous. You’ll be surprised at how things will seem lighter and better.

4. Positivity

Smiling provides a positive vibe not just for you but for everything and everyone around you. Remember that when you smile, the world will come smiling back at you. If you keep on smiling, you’ll attract positive and good things.

5.Improves Your Mood

Not everyone notices this but when you smile, don’t you feel a sense of relief? 

It helps uplift a sad moment or perhaps a long tiring day at work. A smile prevents you from looking fatigued, worn out and overwhelmed. So, even when the world comes crumbling, just smile and remind yourself that everything’s going to be fine.

6. Relieves Stress

Similarly, battle your stress with a smile. Turning a frown upside down is one way to fight back against negative stress. You’ll be surprised that after a warm hearty smile, all your stress will slowly fade away. You’ll also feel invigorated to keep on moving forward.

7. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that smiling offers many health benefits?

One of these includes lowering a person’s blood pressure. A person who always frowns and worries about everything around him or her is likely to have unstable or high blood pressure. Comparatively, taking the blood pressure reading of a happy and smiling person, you will notice how stable it is.

8. Look and Stay Younger

When you smile the muscles of your lower face are lifted, creating a younger appearance and appeal. For this reason, a person who smiles a lot looks younger than someone who keeps that smile upside down.

9. Natural Pain Reliever

Another fun scientific fact about smiling is that when you smile endorphins, serotonin and pain-killing chemicals are excreted from your body. When this happens you will find yourself in a good state and feeling relieved. Whether it is emotional pain or physical injuries, a smile can help ease the hurt you are feeling.

10. A Sign of Success

How can you not smile after a triumphant event in your life?

Let’s say you passed the state board examination or landed a good-paying job, surely you will smile and feel happy. When you leave the building after an interview and you are smiling, people will naturally think that it was a success. So, just keep on smiling because there are a lot of things to smile about.

11. Help You Live Longer

The average lifespan of individuals who smile more often is 7 years longer than those who don’t. Whether this is true or not, you won’t lose anything when you try it. So, just smile and enjoy a happier and longer life.

12. Boosts the Immune System

As stated above, smiling offers countless health benefits. Aside from relieving your stress and lowering blood pressure, it has been proven that it can also boost your immune system. Smiling provides a sense of relief that makes the body structures rest and stay calm.

When your body is anxiety-free, your mental health responds positively. This, in turn, creates a robust response to your immune system, hence, positively affecting your overall health.

13. You Maintained Proper Oral Hygiene

When you brush your teeth at least twice a day or floss every day, you are maintaining your oral health and hygiene. If you are confident about the condition of your teeth and gums, you can always smile freely at others.

A well-maintained and proper oral hygiene is something to be proud of, so smile and flash those clean pearly whites.

Smile in front of the mirror every morning and you’ll start to see a significant difference in your life. Complement this habit with regular dental visits to your trusted dentists in South Morang.

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