The job market is advancing when it comes to how we search for work these days. As it grows and develops, the hardships in securing your dream job also become part of the territory. That is why it’s advisable to be a step ahead by knowing how to create an animated explainer video as your CV. 

It’s possible to do it today with cartoon makers like Doratoon, but the main question is, how can such videos help you create a top-notch curriculum vitae? As you utilize that explainer video maker (we have an example of the best one), here is what an animated CV will do once you use a suitable video maker. 

What is an Animated Explainer Video for CVs?

People have been creating CV videos for a while now. It’s still a growing trend that emerged the other day. So, if you would like to introduce it to your next boss, there is nothing wrong with being ahead of the game. 

Instead of sitting down to write a lengthy CV (or resume), you can capture that in a video that will be shorter and easier to understand. Some of us would like to use animations to explain those achievements, qualities, hobbies, and other inclusivity. 

That is where an explainer video animation comes into play. You can include those characters and texts that will help you explain what you have done and what you can do once hired. The best part these days is that you can rely on ready-made models in Doratoon’s interface to create and polish that CV from the supporting platforms.

When you visit this web-based cartoon maker, you get the following:

  • Numerous templates that are free to edit to suit your CV
  • Free stock images 
  • Thousands of animated characters
  • All the editing features you require to complete the video 
  • Easy ways to export

As we proceed, we will see how animations can play a part in creating your CV, especially when you involve platforms like Doratoon. Now that you know what an animated explainer video is, let’s see how it helps create an incredible CV. 

How Can an Animated Explainer Video Help in Creating an Outstanding CV?

The Ease of Creation

It’s way too easy to create an animation video explaining who you are and what you can do. If you don’t believe it, try using one of the best platforms on the market – Doratoon. This web-based avenue will help you make an animated CV video within a few minutes. 

First, it has ready-made models to help you put the ideas together. There are thousands of templates to utilize on the platform; the same applies to animated characters and texts. Since it’s accessible on the internet, you only need an updated browser and your login credentials to access the dashboard. 

That also means you can use it anywhere if you have an internet-enabled device. Having templates on Doratoon is advantageous for those who still don’t know what to do. You can pick a suitable one and edit and add materials based on what you need as the end product. 

Other available features on the platform include:

  • Ability to import materials from external sources 
  • AI dubbing which involves converting text into speech 
  • Landscape and portrait orientations 
  • PPT to video conversion 
  • Export in various formats 
  • Include, get rid or customize the watermark ability 
  • Easy sharing on social media platforms and other channels 

Doratoon is an explainer video maker that will give you everything you require to make a recommendable CV. The best part is that you can import materials. So, if you want to have your picture somewhere or show a small video clip with effects, there is no limit to what you can do with the platform. 

If you get stuck in the creation process, there are many tutorials on the platform to help you get through. 

Explaining the Complex Ideas 

Reading a lot of text that involves complicated matters is quite boring these days. We are also in a generation that appreciates viewing and watching more than reading and listening. An animated explainer video for your CV can help in cracking that. 

You can have characters and formal ways of displaying your text on a video that can simplify the complex issue you are trying to make digestible. It’s an excellent way to save your interviewer from long hours of reading text that takes a few hours to comprehend. 

With a platform like Doratoon, the animations simplify the complexity, and combining that with other materials is more manageable than writing down everything. 

Telling Your Accomplishments in a Short Time 

As we said, a lengthy written CV will take more time to read and understand. That is where an animated explainer video comes to the rescue. A video will take the viewers about two minutes to get everything, and it will be fun to watch. 

We can utilize this effect with platforms such as Doratoon since the template videos are within that time range. The characters and wording will enable you to display what could have been written on a CV. 

The better part is that you can include good background music and your voice to explain some of the CV aspects. In short, an explainer video animation will aid in using video and audio together to describe a whole CV quickly. 


A written CV is editable if you would like to add something more. If you had, however, printed and required to print again, more resources would be wasted here. An animated CV video is also editable, and sharing it’s much easier, especially where social channels are concerned. 

With a platform like Doratoon, you enjoy free cloud storage that allows you to access videos anytime. If there is something you would like to add before sharing again, that is possible with a few steps since everything is accessible online. 

Solving the Camera Shyness 

Hey, you? Are you camera shy but still want that CV in the form of a video? An animated explainer video will help you out. You don’t need to swing your face over the camera and keep repeating things before you get them right. 

The animations will represent you; if you need to add your images, you can get that quickly from your phone, any device, or the cloud. That’s how platforms like Doratoon save many who don’t feel comfortable standing in front of a camera. We, however, wonder how you handle your video calls, but that’s a story for another day. 

You can now utilize a platform like Doratoon to get everything you need on a CV video. The characters, voiceovers, text-to-speech conversion, and other cool features are all available to keep you away from the camera. 


You now know how to present your CV next time you are going for an interview or chasing that new position in your company. An animated explainer video will help you achieve a better way to present your qualifications. 

Take advantage of platforms such as Doratoon to see what they can do. In the end, you will have a platform that will give you all the points you have just read about and more. Protection Status