Guide to Vacation Rental Marketing on Pinterest 

Guide to Vacation Rental Marketing on Pinterest 

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August 17, 2022
Last modified on May 26th, 2023

Marketing your vacation rental on social media is an important part of growing a successful company. However, with people being hyper-connected and exposed to massive volumes of material today, it’s critical to be smart and consistent when using social media to advertise your property. In other words, the trick is to choose the appropriate platform and produce high-quality material that your target audience is actively seeking.

This article will teach you all you need to know about Pinterest and how to use it for marketing your vacation rental. The days of mindlessly advertising your company on social media in the hopes of miraculously generating results are long gone. Whether you want to raise brand recognition, increase bookings, or improve traffic to your website, this guide will help you get there.

What exactly is Pinterest?

If your understanding of social media is limited to Facebook and Instagram, you may be wondering, “What is Pinterest?”

Pinterest is essentially a free social network that enables users to post and explore all types of information for inspiration on any subject while also acting as a kind of search engine. The platform is centered on submitting photographs, known as pins, or saving other people’s images to boards, which are collections of pins in the same category or aesthetic theme.

Having said that, for many of us, the name Pinterest conjures up images of extravagant destination wedding theme boards and vegan cupcake recipes. To be sure, you’ll find enough of both of those things in its archives if that’s what you’re searching for.

How to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business Using Pinterest

Even if we like a nice mood board, this social networking site is much more than simply aesthetics. Many people make the mistake of underestimating how important a marketing tool and resource Pinterest has become in recent years, but the stats speak for themselves: Pinterest currently has 416 million monthly users.

Unlike Instagram, which is mostly utilized by millennials and Gen Xers, the bulk of those users are women of various ages. As a result, vacation rental firms that cater to middle-aged visitors and new families have a fantastic opportunity.

When it comes to the vacation rental market, there is no denying Pinterest’s potential. Airbnb announced a partnership with Pinterest in March 2019 to create game-changing vacation plans for every budget, interest, and choice. However, vacation rental providers should utilize one of many tools to maximize their company.

Use the following suggestions to learn what makes Pinterest so appealing and how you may maximize its potential for your vacation rental company.

1. Increase Visibility and Engagement

The skill of acquiring awareness on Pinterest is a piece of cake! Of course, if you want to establish a substantial and engaged following on your Pinterest page, you will need to spend some time and work. Fortunately, the actions to take are simple yet effective.

Determine What People Are Interested In

Pinterest includes an easy-to-use search tool that shows you what kind of material is presently popular among its users. Begin by looking for your most relevant term, such as your area or the sort of rental you provide. The results will display the associated tags just below the search box, allowing you to quickly find the most popular queries linked to your holiday property. Begin collecting these tags and use them to build inspiring Pinterest boards for others to follow. It’s as simple as that!

Label and connect your Pinterest boards and pins

When you’ve accumulated a good number of popular tags connected to your vacation rental house, be sure to include them in the names and descriptions of the boards you make and the pins you submit to them. An engaging description with relevant, eye-catching keywords can improve the quality of your pins and make them simpler to locate.

Pinterest users are constantly looking for new things to explore, so clickable pins are ideal! If there is an action that individuals can do, they will.

To make the most of your postings, as previously said, add a call to action and a link back to your vacation rental website or booking site. This simple method may help drive more traffic to your website, and you could even get some direct reservations as a consequence!

Use Tools to Plan Your Content Ahead of Time

As a vacation rental owner, you most certainly already have a full schedule and a long to-do list. Taking time out of your day to submit new pins on your Pinterest page may not be at the top of your list of priorities. But don’t give up on the entire concept just yet! There are tools available to help you plan and schedule your pins ahead of time.

If you have a Pinterest business profile, you may use their Schedule a Pin function. This provides owners with an ideal option since, if set up correctly, you can maintain a consistent supply of information for your followers to interact with over the week or month – rather than assaulting them with a large number of pins all at once.

While you may only plan one pin at a time on Pinterest, you can schedule up to 30 pins in advance.

Take Advantage of Ad Posts

One of the primary advantages of utilizing Pinterest is that it is a free tool, which is particularly beneficial for homeowners trying to sell their property on a budget.

However, if you are ready and able to go above and beyond, you may employ sponsored ad postings to boost your exposure and interaction even further.

You may conduct three sorts of ad campaigns: awareness, engagement, and traffic. You pay for each based on the number of impressions (views), engagement (repin or click), or traffic (click to website) that your sponsored post receives. If you’re just starting in a business, it can be useful.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t already have a logo. Instead, you may always use a gorgeous photo of your house as a Pinterest placeholder. Make sure the image you chose is appealing and of excellent quality since it will represent your company.

2. Use the Law of Attraction

Creating shareable content is the most important aspect of marketing on Pinterest. Lodgable wrote an ultimate guide on this. In this context, shareable merely means aesthetically pleasing. While searching for your keywords, scrolling through the top pins of the search results can give you an idea of what types of articles and aesthetics are most popular among users.

Display Your Assets

As a vacation rental owner, you’re already set up for success on Pinterest, as home décor and decor pins, as well as culinary and DIY advice, are the platform’s heart and soul. Take advantage of this and show off your holiday home’s innovative interior design. We suggest creating a board for each property you own. Take engaging, high-quality images to demonstrate to prospective visitors what you have to offer.

Consider Thinking Outside the Box

Apart from displaying off your home, there are numerous more popular topics you may employ to attract followers to your page. You may, for example, make Pinterest boards regarding the area in which your vacation rental is situated, whether it is in the gorgeous wilderness or a major, busy metropolis. Post about what living might be like in your vacation rental house to attract guests (or folks merely planning future travel). Post local outdoor activities and restaurant ideas that tourists may appreciate. Make it more interesting by creating material on themes like travel hacks that are wider but yet involve your target demographic (eg: Must-Have Travel Items).

Another trending topic on Pinterest is educational material. People like learning new things via the use of quirky visuals, so if you can think of some intriguing themes relating to your vacation rental or the previously stated outdoor activities, try sprucing up your content with some wacky “how-to’s.” Canva, for example, is a basic, free application that may aid with this.

Users that follow your boards and share your pins may ultimately end up on your booking page. In any case, it will always increase your vacation rental company and brand’s visibility and engagement.

Now it’s your turn.

Even if you have little expertise with social media platforms for your vacation rental home, it is strongly advised that you use these free tools to build a trustworthy and recognizable brand image. We hope this post has shed some light on how effective Pinterest can be as a marketing tool for vacation rental owners and how it can be utilized to benefit your company. All it takes is a little imagination, and you’ll quickly witness fantastic results!


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