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Are CPCV and VCR good metrics for monitoring video ad effectiveness?

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AI-based algorithms used in advertising help businesses identify suitable content and deliver it to the right target audience. This optimization is critical to ensure successful campaign results and efficient budget allocation. It is necessary to closely monitor campaign performance in order to evaluate ad effectiveness and collect insights for future campaigns. Paying attention to metrics such as VCR or CPCV is essential in this aspect.

Video completion rate (VCR)

Although video ads are highly popular in advertising, they are limited by users’ attention spans. Marketers have a small window of time to capture their audience’s attention and communicate their message effectively. Longer videos tend to be skipped, while shorter ones may not provide enough information to the users. That’s why finding the right balance can be a challenging task. Generally, video ads should last under 2 minutes, with 30 to 60 seconds being the optimal duration. VCR (video completion rate) is a crucial metric for video ads, revealing the percentage of viewers who have watched the video in its entirety. Achieving a high VCR is the goal of many companies, as it suggests that the target audience has received their marketing message.

Cost Per Completed View (CPCV)

CPCV (Cost Per Completed View) is yet another vital metric that helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a video campaign. It informs us not only about the cost of views but also serves as an advertising pricing model, where businesses pay only when their video has been viewed to completion. That’s why CPCV can be a practical method to invest your promotional budget, as it ensures that your money is spent on high-quality users who have watched your ad from start to finish.

By examining CPCV, you can determine the cost of presenting your entire video to a user and use that information to optimize your future video campaigns. Remember to focus your attention on increasing the number of completed views rather than impressions or clicks since those metrics do not provide a clear picture of your ad’s impact on potential customers.

How can CPCV and VCR help your business?

Both VCR and CPCV are critical metrics that can help you assess the effectiveness of your video ads. Both of them may also be used in conjunction with each other and generate even more insights. By prioritizing CPCV as your main metric, you get 100% of VCR, eliminating the need to monitor it separately. Instead, you can focus solely on reaching your desired CPCV goal.

Why should you focus on those metrics? Monitoring VCR and CPCV can provide valuable insights into your ad performance. You can learn how many viewers watch your video from start to finish and identify any areas for improvement in your ad targeting. On top of that, you can measure the engagement rate of users after watching your video and understand the actual cost of each video view.

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