During the global pandemic in 2019, the ecommerce industry faced a significant shift. It has helped many businesses to attain consumers digitally. 

According to Statista, it has been reported that the ecommerce industry alone brought revenue of 4.9 trillion U.S dollars across the globe. Not only that but also it has been observed that the ecommerce industry further escalates in the next four years by 50%. And the most amazing part is that the ecommerce industry will generate nearly 7.4 trillion U.S dollars by 2023, as per recent research. 

Now, you can assume how the ecommerce industry has sky-rocketed the world. Therefore, it is very important to customize your ecommerce website right. 

Wondering about maximizing your ecommerce business? Here are the 13 things every individual must know about ecommerce website development.

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  1. Ensures Website Reliability and Security

One of the most challenging elements is to maintain website safety and security. While using websites, visitors always get scared while adding their personal details. It happens because sometimes website catches bugs and serious threats, which ultimately results in the loss or theft of users’ data. Therefore, as an ecommerce business, you must make sure your website is certified with SSL certifications and HTTPS protocols. 

If your website isn’t certified, there are chances your visitors’ information and other essential data of your website could leak. 

Other than that, uncertified websites are more at a risk because your website stores a bulk amount of your customers’ data. Thus, take all the necessary steps to protect your website data. 

2. Right Optimization of a Website during Development 

As per the new Google intent, those websites that take huge time in loading/unloading pages are often flagged by Google. Visitors don’t like to pay a visit to those time-taking websites. 

According to the latest Google trends, if any website takes more than 5 seconds to load any data, it will increase the bounce rate by 90% overall. Therefore, it is essential to optimize your website during development. 

Think about the ways how you can improve the performance of your website. One great way is to do the right SEO optimization of your website. Use different methodologies, such as keyword optimization, image optimization using right alt tags, and proper keyword insertion in meta titles and descriptions.  

3. Display the Right Information Timely 

The key to success in any website is the integration of the right layout that helps in scanning the web browsers. 

If the customers are looking for some particular information about your website, and if your website is unable to generate the correct information timely, it will leave your customers exasperated. Therefore, you should learn ways how to customize a website that is easy to navigate and is able to display the appropriate information in a short span of time.

In order to boost the performance of your website, you must collaborate with any reliable web development company. However, if you’re particularly looking for an ecommerce web development service or android app development services, you can connect with any award-winning company in the USA. 

4. Introduce Useful Registration Methods in Your Website 

Mostly visitors invest time on those websites that provide them easiness while registering. Registering to a website is important, especially in order to track the delivery of upcoming parcels or save the shopping history. 

Think about the ways how you can offer your customers straightforward registration solutions. One efficient way to remind your shoppers of your website address is by mentioning the address at the end of the order packaging. 

Apart from that, you can generate online forms on social media platforms where customers can easily add their personal details while shopping. Moreover, you can introduce a guest check-out feature too.

5. Integrate Numerous Payment Options

If you want to improve sales and divert customers’ attention toward your website, the best way is to integrate as many payment options as possible. 

One of the studies found in 2019 clearly reflects that nearly 6% of visitors bounce back from websites with limited transaction options. And the number is gradually increasing with every passing day. Hence, you should integrate a myriad of payment options into your website. 

The most popular payment gateways are Square, PayPal, Master pass, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, and American Express.   

6. Introduce CMS Feature to your Website 

CMS, also known as Content Management System, assists in storing and managing all the written and visual content in one place. 

Apart from that, CMS helps in handling the documentation work. Other than that, CMS allows you to edit/re-edit information or incorporate new changes at any time, even when the website is live. Thus, you should add a CMS system to your website in order to assist your customers as well as your employees. 

Some customized CMS systems are already available on Google. Namely, OpenCart, Magento, and PrestaShop. 

7. Launch Interactive Designs and Graphics

You must use compelling designs and interactive colors for your website that best complement your products or services. Poor design and sharp colors result in losing customers’ attention. Therefore, you should go for soothing colors such as blue, yellow, green, and hazel. Moreover, you should add a lot of white spaces in your website background in order to differentiate your website products and web pages. 

8. Use AR/VR Feature in your Website 

It has been observed that those websites rank higher, which entails high-resolution images, precise and catchy content, attractive product descriptions, and impeccable video graphics. 

The only disadvantage of online shopping is that people can’t see the product in real-time. Therefore, you should introduce augmented reality and virtual reality features in your app so that your customers can feel and view the products. 

Besides, you must write direct and easy-to-read product descriptions with the product images. All these ways will be useful to convince your customers to buy from your website.

9. Establish Advanced Search Filter Option 

In general, individuals use the search bar to discover the product they are looking for. Most websites don’t offer a search feature which results in trailing down customers’ attention. So, establishing an advanced search option on your website will give your website a competitive edge compared to your competitors. 

Besides, you can add a filter option where customers can upload the items they are searching for. And ultimately, they will land on the similar product listed on your website. 

Moreover, you can further leverage your sales by writing relevant keywords with your products so that when any user searches any product on the search engine, your website will automatically pop up on the first page. 

10. Add a Customer Support Section on your Site  

In order to build the credibility of your website, it’s a good practice to develop a dedicated customer support section where customers can launch their queries, track their product delivery details, or even ask for returns at any time. 

Visitors always invest their time and money in those brands that feature efficient customer support service. 

Try to incorporate multiple customer support channels on your websites, such as adding a WhatsApp number, official email address, physical location, and an automatic chatbot system. Distinct channels are highly appreciated by customers who don’t like to connect with customer support via calls. 

11. Introduce Exquisite Marketing Strategies 

No matter whether you have a physical business or an online retail store, having efficient marketing strategies helps you in several ways. 

Firstly, it helps in defining the structure of your website. Secondly, it assists you in determining the features and functions your website will need. Thirdly, it contributes to attaining more leads shortly. 

You can use any marketing channels, such as running free and paid ads, offering discounts and coupons to your visitors, provide users with cash vouchers. With that in mind, introduce push notifications on your website so that your customers will easily interact whenever you launch any new product or service. 

Think about the marketing strategies before the creation of a website, as it is difficult to incorporate the strategies after the website has been launched.   

12. Proper Placement of Shipment Rates

High shipment costs are the biggest reason customers bounce back after adding items to the cart. It has been found that nearly 55 percent of users reject their orders after they discover the high amount with additional charges.  

Online shopping came into existence to provide convenience to visitors. And if your websites don’t feature a free delivery option, then there must be proper placement of shipment rates so that customers have an idea initially before finalizing their products. 

13. Go for a Customized Website 

If budget isn’t an issue for you and you want to set your brand apart from your competitors, you should go for developing a customized website. There are numerous custom software development companies that offer exceptional custom software solutions. Having a tailored website helps attain more leads and sales, which ultimately improves conversions.   

Bottom Line 

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to learning about how to improve a website, especially for an ecommerce business. After investing a lot of time in research, we have compiled a list of the top 13 things that will be useful in order to improve your website. 

We hope you may find our article useful and informative. 

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